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Counter Programming with Shira & Arielle 

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Counter Programming with Shira & Arielle was developed as a  Coronavirus distraction podcast where we explored the world of counters. We focused on counter-tops, royal Counts, step counters, people counters, and so much more. Each episode is a mix of comedy and fun facts that you never knew you needed.

Although we stopped producing new episodes in May 2021, you can listen to our show archive wherever you get your podcasts. 


The epitome of quarantine creativity



Counter programming is the podcast epitome of artistic creation during the monotony of quarantine. The entrepreneurial spirit is certainly found within these hosts. 

A Delightful Duo


Honeydew felon

Shira and Arielle have figured out the magic formula! Just the right amount of education, humor, and pop culture. Love listening to this duo.

Breath of Fresh Air!



Like a breath of fresh air during this crazy pandemic. I love the hosts, they’re so engaging and positive and funny. It’s super inspiring how they are finding the good things you can do during quarantine.

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